Greetings from Seguro Group Maldives


As an emerging, fast growing and leading player in the Insurance broking and Risk Management services in Maldives, it is a great pleasure to introduce SEGURO INSURANCE SERVICES PVT LTD to your respected review.


SEGURO as we are fondly called, assist clients by determining and assessing your potential risk exposures, structure your insurance portfolio, negotiate rates, “terms and conditions” to place your insurance risks within a competitive market and ensure a convenient, prompt and equitable settlement of insurance claims whenever the insurable events occur. In addition, we provide multiple services along the insurance value chain.

Institutions/Organizations with large commercial and industrial risks rely on the expertise of Insurance Brokers, to obtain adequately priced insurance coverage and Risk Management Consultancy Services, to enhance and facilitate smooth operations.

Our Value Proposition: Prompt and efficient service delivery has formed the bedrock of SEGUROs proposition to customers. We are known to provide prompt and efficient client policy renewals and claims intermediary as well as other value adding services that will delight customers.

Our customers’ insights are always integrated into all our services, processes and infrastructure to ensure that SEGURO surpasses customers’ expectations. Hence, the unique position enjoyed by SEGURO Insurance & Reinsurance Services today is the ability of the company to offer more value than any other Insurance Brokers in terms of wider insurance coverage’s at the best prices.

The services offered by SEGURO, are unique in the Maldivian Insurance Market. Our focus include the management and control of risks transfer costs and assisting our clients to add immediate value to their balance sheet.

While thanking you for your time, we sincerely hope you will give us the opportunity to serve you and reap from our wealth of experience in insurance assistance and risk management.

Yours faithfully,



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