Insurance brokers typically work for the “policyholder” the client in the insurance process and act independently in relation to insurers. Brokers assist clients in the choice of their insurance by presenting them with multiple options in terms of insurers and products. Acting as “intermediary” for the client, brokers work with multiple insurance companies to place coverage for their clients. Brokers obtain quotes from various insurers and guide clients in determining the adequate policy from a range of products.


Furthermore, Insurance brokers acts on behalf of the client when negotiating the contract of insurance and placing the policy. When the insurance is handled directly by the insurance broker, broker provides services such as consultancy, premium collections and claims handling with experience and knowledge, the broker is essentially acting as the exclusive intermediary for the client. This unique concept makes the insurance process more efficient for both the policyholder and the insurer.


Therefore, as an Insurance broker, we approach all such placements of our clients as an intermediary – working on behalf of our clients to negotiate and facilitate the best, most consistent insurance contracts from selective insurance companies that have the ability and capacity to properly insure our client’s risks.



How can you be sure having acquired the most proper coverage?  It is so easy to get confused amongst hundreds of policies with different insurance companies wordings, conditions, warranties, premiums and limitations.   This is where professional insurance brokers help.  A good insurance broker is supposed to help you to understand and identify your needs, to look for the best insurance proposals meeting your personal requirements, to “explain” the insurance contracts to the comprehensible level, to look after smooth adjustment of losses that might occur during the policy period.


Good & professional advice is about defining your goals, both immediate and long term, and recommending solutions that fit your circumstances to achieve those goals.


Good & Professional Advice Can

  • Make insurance simple & easy
  • Give you direction & control
  • Save time & money
  • Protect your business
  • Give you peace of mind

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